Board Members

2019-20 Executive Board
Theresa Bailey-Barber
Administrative Analyst, Student Health
6 years of service


I joined Staff Assembly as a fairly new employee to UCSB. I am anxious to get to see more of the beautiful campus, meet amazing staff and help organize events to promote collaboration and to help bring smiles and laughter.

Lisa Blanco
Business Officer, Sociology Department
21 years of service
UCSB alum


I joined Staff Assembly to make sure my voice is heard and see that staff issues are addressed. Having worked on campus for many years, I wish I joined Staff Assembly sooner! If you want to know what's going on with staff salaries, benefits, or any UC policy Staff Assembly has a collective knowledge that spans decades. I'm also excited to join a group that has other hard working UCSB staff I may not have otherwise met before.

Greta Carl-Halle
Business Officer, Computer Science Department
29 years of service
UCSB alum for both undergraduate and graduate degrees


I joined Staff Assembly to help continue offering events for Staff such as the annual Ice Cream Social. Since joining I have enjoyed becoming involved in staff issues such as housing and educational benefits. I believe Staff play a key role in the workings of the University and our voice is important.

Donna Coyne
Associate Director, Admissions Office
23 years of service


I joined Staff Assembly to be an advocate for staff and recognize the hard work, contributions and accomplishments of staff. Through Staff Assembly I have had the opportunity to serve on many committees on campus. This has helped me to understand the University better, contribute outside of my role at the department, and to get to know people from around the campus. I was also fortunate enough to serve as Staff Advisor to the Regents, 2013-2015.

Valerie De Veyra
Student Affairs Manager, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
31 years of service
UCSB alum


I joined Staff Assembly for the opportunity to participate in staff issues.

David Dunlop
Disability Specialist, Disabled Students Program
17 years of service
UCLA alum for both undergraduate and graduate degrees


I joined Staff Assembly because I wanted to get to know more staff on campus and learn more about staff-related issues. Each year, I have thoroughly enjoyed being a judge in the Halloween Department Decorating and Costume Contests. I have also participated with staff housing subcommittee as well as helping with the ice cream social and the staff citation of excellence awards. One of my favorite things about working at UCSB is the people I work with. I feel truly fortunate to be here. I encourage others to join Staff Assembly because it's a great way to learn about staff issues and make new friends.

Nancy Emerson
Sr. Financial Analyst & Executive Assistant to the Dean of Science, College of Letters & Science
30 years of service
UCSB and UCLA alum


I joined Staff Assembly after serving 3 years with CSAC and have found it very interesting and rewarding to be involved with helping to have the staff voice on campus be heard. I've enjoyed the Engagement Workgroup committee and the various social events held to support our staff.

Maritza Fuljencio
Student Affairs Manager, Computer Science
10 years of service


I joined Staff Assembly to learn more about the greater UC community and be further involved with staff programs, issues, and events on campus. I hope to absorb the collective knowledge that others have as it is passed down the 'staff generations'. I look forward to assisting my fellow staff with continuing to improve important staff issues, along with collaborating to our shared campus culture for our betterment.

David Holmes
Director, South Hall Administrative Support Center
13 years of service
UCSB alum for both undergraduate and graduate degrees


I joined Staff Assembly in order to get more involved in our UCSB community and to be involved in issues that affect staff. As staff members we play a vital role in the achievement of the mission of the university and it is important that we have a voice and representation. Through this role, I hope to be able to work with the other members of Staff Assembly as well as other groups on campus in order to advocate on behalf of staff, working to help facilitate positive change on our campus.

George Hopwood
Associate Director, Sponsored Projects, Office of Research
20 years of service


I joined Staff Assembly for the opportunity to learn about and address staff issues on campus, get a wider perspective on how the University works, and collaborate with staff to support the mission of the University. I served as Staff Assembly Co-chair and CUCSA delegate during 2003-04 and 2004-05. I also serve on the Campus Conflict of Interest Committee as a non-voting member.

Dana Huffman
Business System Analyst, Student Health Service
12 years of service


I joined Staff Assembly to be more involved with staff programs and events. I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of our diverse and hard-working campus community. Serving on the Staff Assembly gives me a chance to give back, and to be an advocate for positive change on campus. Working with the Staff Assembly has provided me with many opportunities to meet many great people on our campus. I feel strongly about creating and maintaining a supportive healthy work environment for all UCSB employees.

Erica Losada
Income & Recharge Analyst, Office of Budget & Planning
8 years of service
UCSB alum


I decided to join Staff Assembly because I wanted to participate in the UC community beyond my job. I enjoyed being involved in a sorority during my undergraduate education and so once I started to work on campus I began to look into ways I could contribute as a staff member. Staff Assembly has been a great opportunity for me to become more involved at UCSB and play a role in events and issues that are of concern to myself and other staff members.

Julie Luera
Business & Finance Manager, Office of the Chancellor
26.5 years of service


I joined Staff Assembly to get more involved in staff issues and events. I served as Co-chair of our Staff Assembly in 2009/2010 and 2016/2017.

Hannah Morse
Undergraduate Advisor, Mechanical Engineering
Shannon Nicholson
Assistant Director of Donor Relations & Stewardship, Development
2 years of service


I joined Staff Assembly to learn more about our community, support staff interests, and have fun with a group of dedicated people.

Jane Noyes
Employee Engagement Specialist, Human Resources
1 years of service


I joined Staff Assembly to continue to find ways to elevate and celebrate others across our campus community. I am very passionate about collaborating with groups to ensure we are leveraging one another in implementing ways to better serve our Staff needs.

Julia Orr
Business Systems Analyst, Admissions Office
Tiffany Sabado
Financial & Operations Officer, College of Engineering, Undergraduate Studies
18 years of service
UCSB alum


I joined Staff Assembly to participate in our community - to learn staff issues, learn from others, and be a resource to my colleagues.

Denise Saludares
Web Presence Developer, Administrative & Residential Information Technology
20 years of service
UCSB alum


I have always admired how Staff Assembly events boost morale and inspire a feeling of community at UCSB. I joined Staff Assembly to learn more about staff issues and help effect positive change.

Kim Summerfield
Student Affairs Manager, Sociology Department
31 years of service
UCSB (Business Economics) alum


I joined Staff Assembly so that I could be more involved with staff programs and events. I have served as a co-chair for Staff Assembly and as a delegate to the Council of University of California Staff Assemblies. I am currently serving as an administrator of the “S-List” - UCSB’s staff listserv.

Gary White
Director, Disabled Students Program
30 years of service


I started out at the Women's Center and Counseling and Career Services before becoming the Director at the Disabled Students Program. Born and raised in Philadelphia, I came to Santa Barbara while in graduate school. Once I saw the beauty and variety of this side of the country, I never returned to live on the east coast, and have been in the area for almost 30 years. In addition to working at UCSB, I have a small private practice as a licensed Marriage Family Therapist.