Staff Assembly is UCSB's chapter of the system wide Council of University of California Staff Assemblies, or CUCSA. It is an organization within all the UC campuses as well as the Office of the President and Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory. UCSB's Staff Assembly is sponsored by the office of the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services. Its mission is to support the research, teaching, and community service mission of UCSB by serving in an advisory capacity to the Chancellor, Vice Chancellors, senior officers, and other campus organizations seeking staff consultation.

At UCSB, there is no membership fee to join and all staff is considered part of Staff Assembly. All staff can attend meetings and participate in events. However, only non-represented staff can be a member of the Executive Board and, thereby, be a co-chair or CUCSA delegate . We meet once a month during the noon hour. Currently our meetings are from noon – 1:30pm. There are two co-chairs for Staff Assembly; currently they are Greta Carl-Halle and Kaitlyn LeGros. Each serves a two-year term. There are also two members who represent the UCSB campus as junior and senior delegates to the Council of UC Staff Assemblies during their two-year term. Some of the significant results that came from CUCSA are the domestic partnership benefits and the Staff Advisor to the Regents.

In addition to coordinating events for Staff Celebration Week, Staff Assembly sponsors the Staff Citation of Excellence Awards as well as ongoing professional development and social events for staff. Staff Assembly provides staff representatives to committees as requested by campus entities and facilitates communication among and between all staff employees. Additionally, Staff Assembly serves as a focal point and sounding board for all staff employees in issues that are not the purview of represented job classifications. General membership includes all career UCSB staff members. The Executive Committee consists of at least eight members elected at large from all career staff on campus.

Contact either of the Co-Chairs at or any Staff Assembly Member for information.