Winter 2015, Volume 10, Issue 2

SA 2015 Citation of Excellence Awards

Citation of Excellence Award Ribbon

The UCSB Staff Assembly is pleased to announce its 2014 - 2015 Citation of Excellence Awards. The purpose of the program is to acknowledge and celebrate outstanding achievements and meritorious service of career staff. Ten awards will be made and each recipient will receive $500 and a plaque. Presentation of awards will be made during the Staff Celebration Luncheon.

Any UCSB faculty, academic, management, or staff member may submit a nomination, along with one endorsement letter. A selection committee of staff members will review the nominations and choose this year's recipients.

Guidelines for NOMINATIONS

  • Only policy-covered contract and career staff not on probationary status with a yearly salary not exceeding $100,000 may be nominated. 
  • Personnel in the Senior Management Group (SMG) and in the Management Senior Professionals (MSP) are not eligible.
  • Employees with annual salaries exceeding $100,000 are not eligible for this award.
  • Each nominee requires a principal nominator and one endorser.

Guidelines for NOMINATORS

  • The endorsement should be in the form of a typed letter or memo, not exceeding two pages in a 12 point font.
  • Principal nominators are not limited to a single nomination. However, separate forms and endorsements are required for each candidate.
  • Students are not eligible to nominate or submit endorsement letters.

Send all nominations as pdf attachments via email to Sandy Camp <>. If you cannot send a pdf attachment file, then please send the form via campus mail to Sandy Camp at Educational Opportunity Program / MC 7170.

Nominations and endorsement letters must be received no later than 4:00pm, Friday, March 13, 2015.

NOTE: nominations not adhering to the guidelines will not be considered. Please see our website ( for a full description of the guidelines and the nomination form.

Department Spotlight – Office of the Ombuds

Where does the name “ombuds” come from?

There are so many wrong ways to say this word, so don’t feel stumped! The word “ombudsman” is Scandinavian for “representative” or “proxy.”  The term “ombuds” is gender-neutral in origin and is used by the American Bar Association and the UC to represent the widest possible community. Ombuds serve as a liaison between multiple parties.

Who are your staff?

We are all members of the International Ombudsman Association whose mission is to support and advance the global organizational ombuds profession and ensure that practitioners work to the highest professional standards. Kirsi is certified through the IOA Certified Organizational Ombudsman Practitioner Program.

Who are your “customers”?

Our “customers” are anyone needing assistance with a concern related to the university.  These include students, staff, faculty, community members, alumni, parents, and even vendors.

What do you do?

The office provides confidential, informal, independent and impartial assistance to individuals and groups through interpersonal dispute resolution and problem-solving methods such as conflict coaching, mediation, facilitation, and shuttle diplomacy.

Often, the Ombuds assists people in working through multiple concerns, and when appropriate, will provide referrals to other campus resources.

Last year (2013-14), the top three concerns for which people came to us were: communication, respect/treatment, and supervisory effectiveness. For more information, please review our 13-14 Annual Report

Our office offers a variety of other unique conflict prevention services, including tailored trainings, workshops and retreats, for your team or whole department.  Also, the office offers career coaching, providing one-on-one consultations to strategize about job success, job mobility, career path options, and performance feedback.

What helpful advice do you have for new staff?

No matter what role you have on campus, there are resources available and training opportunities on and off-campus.  Take advantage of any free trainings related to your position, including the free membership benefit with for online training videos, particularly in Excel, PowerPoint, or Photoshop. Ask lots of questions, take a campus tour, and network with others on campus, getting a full breadth of what happens at UCSB each day.

To learn more about employee services, click here

What helps staff advance at UCSB?

Advancement can be achieved in many ways.  We usually think of a reclassification or a promotion, but staff can also advance by asking for more or different responsibilities, a lateral move, or focusing on improving or broadening skills. Staff may want to get involved in hiring and training new staff, helping to cover vacant positions, and aligning their skills with the changing needs of the organization.

If you’re interested in utilizing any of our services, or if you have questions, feel free to call us at 805-893-3285. Stop by our office (1205K Girvetz Hall) and checkout a book from our interpersonal focused lending library