Fall 2016, Volume 12, Issue 1

12th Annual Spooky Halloween Competition

Human Resources Department "Men in Black" movie theme group photo

Staff Assembly invites you to join the Halloween festivities and win lunch for your staff by entering your department into the 12th Annual Halloween Decorating contest. On Monday, October 31st, Staff Assembly will visit each participating department or office to judge their Halloween spirit based on decorations and costumes. The winning department will win a gift card from Woodstocks.

If your department would like to enter, please provide your department name, location, and the name of a contact person to Greta Carl-Halle at by Monday, Oct 24th.

The individual Halloween Costume Competition will be held at 12:15pm in the Hub at the UCen that day. Gift cards will be given out as prizes in several categories. There is no need to register ahead of time for the costume competition. Just show up! Happy haunting!

Halloween Contest Information

  • Department Decorating Competition
    • Entry deadline Monday, October 24
      Contact Greta Halle --
    • Contest Monday, October 31
  • Individual Halloween Costume Competition
    • Time: judging starts at 12:15pm
    • Location: inside UCen at the Hub

6th Annual Staff Winter Warmer and
Arts & Crafts Bazaar

UCSB staff selling crafts at Winter Warmer event

Friday, December 9, 11:00am-1:00pm
Campbell/Cheadle Hall Plaza

Mark your calendars for the 6th Annual Staff Winter Warmer and the Arts and Crafts Bazaar. Warm refreshments will be served and UCSB staff artists will be selling their own hand-made arts and crafts. This wonderful, yearly event is sponsored by Staff Assembly, Chancellor’s Staff Advisory Council, Professional Women’s Association and Academic Business Officers. More information will be available as the date nears.

Staff Spotlight

JudyAnn Dutcher

Name: JudyAnn Dutcher
Job Title: Web Developer
Department: Associated Students

How long have you worked at UCSB?   “8 years.”

What are some of the professional development activities you’ve participated in?   “I just completed 3 years as a member of the Chancellor’s Staff Advisory Council, serving on the marketing committee. I am a Gaucho U 2.0 graduate and have been a member of the Web Standards Committee for the past 7 years.”

What did you do before you came to UCSB?   “I was a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for about 12 years. For a few years, I was the program manager for Family Service Agency’s 24-Hour Crisis Helpline. I have a web and graphic business which I’ve worked at for the past 18 years.”

What do you like most about working at UCSB?   “I love being on the campus. I especially like the beauty, attitude and atmosphere…all the positive energy.”

What do you like best about your job?   “I really like working with students and I appreciate the flexibility to participate in other things on campus, i.e., CSAC and Gaucho U. My supervisor has been very encouraging and supportive.”

I understand that you’ve worked behind the scenes on the new staff e-newsletter, Gaucho Voice – Staff Edition (GVSE). In what way have you been involved?   “I was on the committee to explore developing GVSE and took responsibility for the weekly production over the past year. I just recently trained someone new to take over.”

Can you tell us what kinds of projects you’ve worked on in the past and what current projects you’re working on?   “I train students and staff on how to work with Wordpress, web development, and graphic design.”

I’m currently investigating on setting up a touch screen for the Associated Students department in the AS/MCC/GSA lobby. I’m developing 'how to' tutorials using as a model to teach students and staff to learn various things, i.e., 'How to get help if printer not working?' 'How to fill out a form for a website.' It’s exciting to be part of the process.”

How did you transition from being a MFT to a web designer?   “I took classes through Adult Ed (Photoshop and HTML) and completed UCSB Extension’s webmaster and graphic designer certification programs.”

That seems like a totally different type of skill set. How do you connect what you do now to what you did as an MFT?   “For me, managing clients is a lot like doing therapy. I found that I prefer working with code and graphics and like what I do.”

What outside activities do you have?   “I like to hike, travel, and work out daily. I recently returned from a trip to Cuba, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. My partner and I have several other trips planned in the future. I proudly have two sons who attend UCSB. One is in his first year and is in the Mechanical Engineering program, the other, is in his third and final year in the Computer Science Department.”

Have you decided what you will get involved in next?   “I’m taking a break. I will most likely get involved with the Gaucho Mentor Program in Fall 2017.”

Reach Out - College Edition App

screen shots of Reach Out app


There’s an App for that!


The Title IX & Sexual Harassment Compliance Office announces the availability of a new phone app, Reach Out - College Edition, which has resource information for sexual violence or sexual harassment. Some of the department contact information listed in this new app include: Title IX, CARE, CAPS, CSO, Police Department, Student Health, Judicial Affairs, RCSGD, Residential & Community Living. This free app is available for iPhones and Android phones. Search for “University of California Santa Barbara” once you install the app. If you have questions, contact: Carol Sauceda, 893.3442.