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Winter Warmer Vendor List

Posted: December 5, 2018

Jack Bailey Professional Education Ceramics
Donna Baumann Purchasing Knit scarves, gloves, pins, jewelry
Heidi Bratt Physics Cards, prints, paintings, succulents
Lesli Brodbeck Alumni Association Stamped silver jewelry for athletes
Loren Browdy ETS Baby bibs, bowl cozies, gift bags, pouches, cloth napkins, dish towels, lanyards
Pamela Cort Retiree Shell art, necklaces, knit items, upcycled t-shirt rugs and baskets
Melissa Frolli Davidson Library Hats, scarves, ornaments, jewelry
Irma Guenthart Development Christmas stockings, ornaments
Elizabeth Harris Economics Crocheted cacti
Ann Hefferman Davidson Library Handmade earrings, ornaments, blank journals
Sue Hemmis Retiree Fused and recycled glass ornaments, nightlights, jewelry, garden art
Alicia Holm Retiree Jewelry
John Holman Retiree Book—“Pom’s Odyssey”
Emilda Jaccard Retiree Wire wrapped jewelry
Kathy Jenquin Letters & Science Succulents planted in vintage containers
Cheryl Johnson Retiree Paintings, jewelry dishes
Heather Liu Letters & Science Kokedama, seashell succulents, Tillandsia air plants
Georgina May Registrar's Office Photography prints and cards
Anisa Mendoza Prospect Services Jewelry
Marc Miller ECI Art from Scrap (from computer parts and cds)
Megan Moore Chicano Studies Jewelry
Hannah Morse Admissions Sea glass jewelry
Kristy Odermann UCEAP Fake fish aquariums, jewelry
Savannah Parison History of Art & Arch. Holiday ribbon wreaths
Julia Pennick CARE Decoupaged postage stamp greeting cards, coasters, ornaments
Laurie Preston Economics Stained glass and fused glass art
Danielle Quinones-Ortega OSL Handcrafted jewelry and accessories
Marilyn Romine Retiree Fabric drawstring bags
Bonnie Roper Retiree Fabric items
Maya Salmon Career Services Flower arrangements made with wood flowers
Susan Schiferl Physics Blown glass jewelry, ornaments, pens, vases, jars
Kevin Scott Registrar's Office Sea Glass art cards and photo canvases
Lisa Slavid Housing Peadoodles
Katie Tucciarone Education Crocheted baby sweaters and hats
Kate von der Lieth Letters and Science Wood ornaments, wind chimes, photography